Pool Area

Fairview Chase pool house


Security cameras and a new key card lock for the gate have been installed!

Cameras will record any activity at the pool and parking lot and can and will be used for prosecution purposes if needed!

Pool gate will alarm after five minutes if gate remains open or lock is not engaged properly.

New pool gate key cards have been issued to all home owners that are up to date with their yearly HOA dues payments.

Key cards are coded specifically for each home owner and time and date is recorded during entry and exit when the card is swiped and can be accessed remotely.

Home owners not up to date with HOA dues will have their key cards deactivated remotely! Remember it is against the law not to pay your HOA dues!

Please remember to be courteous to others enjoying the pool also.

No glass bottles or glass containers allowed at or in the pool!

No pets allowed at or in the pool!!

Broken glass would result in the closing and draining of the pool for clean up and an investigation by DHEC.


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